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soft laboratory of love

(wielding words like weapons)

Also [info]trascendenza. I'm trying to transition over to DW becoming my homebase.


I've given up trying to summarize the contents of my journal because they change so constantly that even I can't keep up with them. Fannish! Real life! IT IS ALL A BIG MELTING POT OF THINGS THAT DEFY MY ATTEMPTS TO CATEGORIZE THEM NEATLY. (And I do try. Trust me. Why is life so hard to metadata?)

Things what I consider acceptable in my little corner of cyberspace:

» Friending/de-friending. Every day's amnesty day. No hard (or soft?) feelings either way. No need to ask if you can add me because I'll always say yes. Also, no pressure to add back if I add you. I generally don't automatically add back because I'm neurotic and find the whole thing to be fraught with COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF TENSION. And I don't get notifications of when people add me or take me off so, really, do whatever you feel like.

» Commenting/drive-by commenting. I don't find drive-bys strange at all because I'm always cruising random journals and doing the same myself. Rambling and off-topicness are totally welcome, as well, and feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

» Not commenting/lurking. Totally encouraged. I think lurking is great; I do it all the time. I don't think anyone out there "owes" me comments or that you secretly despise me if you don't leave them. Go on. Get down with your bad lurking self. ♥

» Throw fruit/feed it to me. I will probably laugh at you if you try to wank in my direction. I'm not the public mocking type, unless you say something really lolarious. On the other hand, anyone offering fruit will be rewarded with my undying affection and devotion. (Perhaps I should note here that "fruit" is not a clever euphemism for "feedback." I mean, seriously, if you post pictures of sliced mangoes in a my comments, I will love you. This is how I roll.)

In other words, choose your own adventure. I'm just here hosting the ride.

On me and my practices, hmmm. I friend people without comments a lot (except when I awkwardly introduce myself). I lurk and won't often comment on your entries (except when I spam you with comments) and update a lot (except when I'm avoiding responsibility and hide). My fandoms change a lot (except when I obsess about one for sixth months or a year) and my biggest fandom is—and probably always will be—organization.


And Moses lifted up his hand, and with his rod he smote the Sheera twice: and the porn came out abundantly.

- deardotti