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The Women of Psych, Leverage and White Collar Commentathon: Prompts Collection


The Women of Psych, Leverage and White Collar Commentathon: Prompts Collection.

Oh, and I'll probably be over at DW for the duration of the three weeks. Not that I'm foreseeing that I'll be posting a lot, because I'm perpetually behind and can't seem to catch up, but I doubt I'll post pointers for every post.
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mostly 'cause I need someone to write me some parker/maggie.

So, this is kind of a last-minute question, but would anyone be interested in participating (by contributing, linking, submitting prompts, etc.) in a "Women of Psych, Leverage and White Collar" commentathon for the three weeks for Dreamwidth 'fest?

I think it would go something like: 3-4 days of prompt collecting, and then the commentathon itself would be open until the end date of the three weeks. It'd be open to all media, so art/fic/recs/vids/podfic/icons/graphics/manifestos/meta/etc. I could probably also use a helper or two if anyone's interested, primarily for organizing a round-up post and possibly for writing some White Collar prompts (I always like to make sure that every available character on a show has at least one prompt, if I can, and White Collar I'm not super familiar with).

Ideas, suggestions, "make sure to do [x]" input all welcome, though no guarantees I can accommodate it.

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♥ tinheart

I feel like I've been gone for ages! [profile] tineart was visiting for a week and a half and it was so much fun omg, and now my room is so much emptier without her in it.

In case I forgot to write a more detailed log of our adventures later, we:
  • worked on a project that's been making me want to die for years (dear missing container store receipt: where are yoooou?)
  • went to Chinatown for the day with my mom, where we had dim sum (mmmmm), bought trinkets and gifts, and also scooped up a ton of CDs and DVDs (including some Chinese opera, which I'm apparently interested in now, to my surprise, and [personal profile] tinheart got some cool instrumental stuff as well as an obscure band whose name I've forgotten)
  • drove down Lombard, my first time at the wheel! I maintain that going down is the easy part; it's getting up to the curvy part of Lombard that's scarymaking
  • got boba and dim sum on Irving
  • saw Alice and Sherlock Holmes
  • watched some of the best Gus/Shawn Psych episodes, aka almost all the episodes that feature pining!Shawn because I'm a total sucker for that; also watched a bunch of Leverage and Legend of the Seeker
  • got into a drumming groove on a pair of congas that someone's letting me hold onto until he wants them back, then did some drumming on my djembe and ashiko, and also did some swing dancing in my living room
  • went on a hike out to a waterfall
  • saw a giant male turkey in the road, who then proceeded to do a mating dance for a nearby female
  • braved a rather treacherous rope swing
  • took pictures out at the Golden Gate vista point
  • had amazing matter paneer and navratan korma after work one night (and some iffy cupcake Chardonnay wine, though, really, that name should have tipped me off)
  • went out for falafels and shopping at the giant flagship Goodwill on S. Van Ness, and then had cheesecake and wine with my friend M
  • discussed our bucket lists and a whole lot of questions along the lines of "if you could only have one hairstyle for the rest of your life, what would it be?" (my answer: some perfect combination of braiding/loose hair that would keep it out of my face but leave me enough at the back to play with occasionally)
  • renegade origami and $3 wine from a carafe also happened
  • [personal profile] tinheart made us all knishes and they were so nummy! Mine had portabellas and potatoes in them, mmmm
  • profit?
And now I'm off to contemplate my remix assignment, because I ended up signing up even though I was waffling. Remixing: I wish I knew how to quit you.

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Lots o' stuff that was just rotting away in private entries.

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Perusing the results page led to me spending a couple hours re-living my fannish love for this show at the following places: the epic Luke/Noah picspam and the epic Jake/Van picspam. Ugh, THEY ARE SUCH GOOFBALLS I CAN'T TAKE IT, and also: this, so very married. And this .gif posted by oktoberskies reminded me that I never really got over my crush on that dude, because, hoshit, his smile.


I got podficced! rhea314 recorded "Jesus Complex," which can be found over here. rhea314 did such a great Jaye voice; it was so cool to hear my fic read out loud for the first time.


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Completely against my will, I seem to have become fannish about Legend of the Seeker. D:


Other privatized posts I need to clean up and get out of my hair: that long-simmering why-is-Gus-ever-joked-about-as-a-sidekick rant, some multiracialbabble, some half-written "30 days of sexcetera" stuff I just didn't get around to posting (yeah, I didn't actually forget about that), and a WIP amnesty because my writing mojo ain't mojoing lately and I'm hoping clearing out the half-developed bunnies will help.


I suppose I'll end this with another meme, for the heck of it: Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 700 words) from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic (fic series, fic universe), lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

Fic can be found my LJ tags and [ profile] trascendenza (though not all of it, yet).

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The car full of awesome women, that is.

Jesus Christ it's a woman-centric big bang GET IN THE CAR

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[[ Sign-ups for Betas | Sign-ups for Cheerleaders | Sign-ups for Creators ]]

At the moment we're getting a lot more creator sign-ups than beta or cheerleading sign-ups, so if there are any betas or cheerleaders out there, we could use you!

If you're like "buh, what is this?" check out the challenge overview, and the rules & guidelines for creators have more specific information.

Even if you're not going to play, maybe consider giving podficcers permission to record your fic or leaving some woman-centric prompts.


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